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Transform the education experience with the Samsung School solution

Educational institutions are always seeking new ways to enhance the learning experience. Providing critical personalized attention to students, the management of class activities, students’ progress, and lesson plans are daunting tasks for teachers. These tasks drive an increasing demand for digital technology within the education market.

As the technology industry continues to evolve, it brings new opportunities for schools and teachers to find innovative tools to enhance student education. Today’s tech-savvy K-12 pupils have grown up with electronic devices. As a result, they are more responsive to technology and better engaged in the learning experience when these tools are part of their classroom environment.

Samsung is a major electronics manufacturer that has developed a total learning solution tailored specifically to the education environment. The Samsung School solution provides rich interactive teaching features designed to encourage students to become active participants in the classroom. Studies have shown that this type of interactive teaching method greatly improves student retention.

Interactive features include Class Management, which contains robust functions to help teachers connect with each other. They can use these functions to more efficiently share lesson plans and quizzes. Students and teachers can collaborate and communicate with the Public Box and Texting functions. Each task is handled directly through the teacher’s tablet or PC.

With extensive expertise in developing e-Boards, tablets and related software, Samsung has successfully implemented its school solution in more than 50 schools in South Korea.

This technology helps keep students engaged, helps foster a positive learning experience and helps teachers provide personalized attention and improved classroom management. Educators can no longer ignore the potential benefits of electronic learning tools in the classroom environment.

Features and benefits

  • Screen Sharing: Teachers and students can share content with each other, providing dynamic interaction among all participants in the class.
  • Screen Monitoring: Educators can remotely monitor students’ progress and activities, and students’ screens can be shared on an e-Board for student presentations.
  • Student Device Control: To help ensure proper and secure use of student tablets, teachers can remotely lock students’ applications, screens and input functionality.
  • Remote Content Sharing: Educators can activate and open useful URLs and applications on students’ tablets.
  • Quiz & Poll: Teachers can administer quizzes, conduct polls and quickly assess how well the class comprehends materials.
  • Group Collaboration: Content can be split on multiple screens to share and compare side-by-side. Students can have a group discussion by sharing screens and assigning a group presenter.
  • Viewer: Classes can view Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF and JPG files without making format modifications.
  • Handwriting Capability: Teachers and students can take private notes on their devices using the included S Pen and S Note function. Notes can be displayed on the e-Board.
  • Course Administration: Managing information such as terms, timetables and content related to subjects can be customized for each school.
  • Content Management: Educators can upload various class and learning materials. Students can download the materials they need on their devices.
  • User Management: This central management function is designed to manage teachers’ and students’ information on the server.
  • Communication: Teachers and students can communicate digitally with the Texting, Course Bulletin Board and School Announcement features.

Samsung School

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