Honolulu, Hawaii • Alexandria, Virginia

About BNA Training and IT Solutions


BNA Training and IT Solutions has offices in Alexandria, Virginia and Honolulu, Hawaii. We offer a full range of financial management classes including Appropriation Law, Accounting, Budgeting, and Leadership, in addition to classes on Financial Statement Auditing, Fraud Auditing and Internal Control, and Performance Measurement.

In our Honolulu office we have IT consulting including hardware, software and wireless product sales, installation and training. We also have experience with installation, management, configuration management, of financial management systems. Our staff has managed all sizes of financial management systems from large SAP applications to Microsoft Dynamics. We work hand in hand with small to medium size businesses to assist them in meeting their network and system needs.

Also BNA specializes in CFO level advisory services for your company's financial and accounting needs. From upgrading your financial and accounting management systems to customizing your financial and management reporting.

Services Include:

  • Software Training
  • Management of the installation of ERP systems
  • Configuration Management
  • Efficiently lowering accounting close times
  • Identifying management reporting deficiencies
  • Developing Management Metrics using Scorecards and Dashboards
  • Improving the Accounts Payable Cycle and processes
  • Improving the Cash Flow process for quicker collections
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues


GSA Schedule

Information on our GSA Schedule can be found here.

Contract# GS-02F-0182X